Clan MacRae Millennium Celebrations
August, 2000

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Sigi Franks Here is my picture of the castle taken, I think, the first evening in Dornie. It was developed along with my other amateur snaps and was surrounded by a light blue haze. For some weird reason I had an extra copy made and this turned up. Not even the photo shop could believe it was the same picture!

Best, best wishes, Sigi Franks, the eldest of the sisters (daughters of Jean McRae: died 1967; born in Seattle) from Sweden,


Joani Goss We are sorting through our treasures and memories of our wonderful time in Scotland with all the scattered children of Kintail. This time will be remembered always. The tour was a success as we had the best time, and we don't do tours. Jim MacRae out did himself arranging all the times and fun we had.

I remember the stop at the first woolen mill thinking oh no another tour stopping place. We went in and had a great lunch but all the time we were eating heard the plaintive cry of a baby goat. After lunch we went out to see what all the fuss was about and found this baby goat with an empty food trough. He then decided if there was not going to be food in it he should take a nap in it and wait. It took him a few tries to get settled but finally was happy to just wait for the food to come. 

The time spent with other MacRaes from all over the world was a happening to remember!

Joani and David Goss
Joani is the eldest daughter of Mary Frances MacRae Phillips

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