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Through the Clan MacRae Links we provide web links to several excellent pages that include information about Clan MacRae and related families. Many of these pages may also provide Scottish history in addition to Clan MacRae specific content. The personal home pages often provide genealogy references as well as insight into the activities and interests of individuals and families.  Please contact us if you are aware of other links that should be included!

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1909 Petition of Sir Colin Macrae of Inverinate The 1909 Petition of Sir Colin Macrae to the Lyon Court, transcribed by Peter A. MacRae.
Clan MacRae, the scattered children of Kintail The official web site of Clan MacRae in Scotland.
Clan MacRae Society of Australia & New Zealand The Society's web presence in Australia & New Zealand
Clan MacRae Society of North America The Society's web presence in the United States.
Clan MacRae Society - New Zealand The Society's web presence in New Zealand
Clan MacRae Society (Nova Scotia) The Society's web presence in Nova Scotia, Canada
Clan MacRath - Scottish Society of Nova Scotia Clan MacRath - a work in progress...
Clan Without A Chief A manuscript by Peter A. MacRae giving some insight into the topic of Clan MacRae chiefship
Dan McRae's Clan MacRae Page Dan offers some clan history, and is the
Clans Agent for Impressions (Scotland), offering various products of interest to Clan MacRae members at Clan discounts.
Douglas K. McRae Page John McRae and Isabel Chisholm
Electric Scotland Clan MacRae page with a brief history
John mCrae's Page James McRae and Maria Horne
Murl McRae's Page Personal page with many Clan MacRae and Grandfather Mountain links
Ron MacRae's Page Resources for researching Clan MacRae, Ron remains current with many clan and family related activities Links to several resources, including Clan MacRae and current events in Scotland
Sgian Dhu Interactive A commercial page marketing The Clans and Tartans of Scotland CD

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