Gaelic-English Dictionary

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[O!] exclamation with the force of Eng. O! Oh! Alas!
[o] prep. a form of : bho, from, since, from that time, because, seeing that, for
[ob] va. and vn. refuse, reject, avoid; fail, give in or over
[˛b] nm. g.+a; v. ˛ib; pl.+an, bay, creek, harbour
[obair] nf. g. oibre; pl. oibrichean, work, labour
[˛ban] nm. g. -ain; pl.+an, little bay or creek; an t-Oban, Oban
[obann] a. sudden, unexpected
[ˇbh, ˇbh!] interj. expressing wonder or derision
[ocar] nm. g.v. -air, interest on money
[och!] interj. expressing annoyance or trouble
[ochd] num. eight
[ochdnar] nm. and f. g.v. -air, eight persons
[och˛in!] interj. expressing sorrow; accented on second syllable
[odhar] a. dun, dun-coloured, sallow
[˛g] a. g.v. ˛ig; pl. ˛ig and +an, young : an t-˛g, the young man
[˛gan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a youth, sapling
[˛ganach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, a youth
[ogha] nm. pl.+chan, grand-child of either sex
[˛glach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, young man, man-servant
[oibrich] va. work, operate, labour; work to a consistency, mix; ferment
[oibriche] nm. pl.+an, worker, workman, labourer
[oide] nm. pl.+an and -achan, foster-father, step-father
[oidhche] nf. pl.+annan, night
[oidhirp] nf. pl.+ean, effort, attempt, endeavour, undertaking
[˛ifig] nf. pl.+ean, office
[˛ige] nf.ind. season of youth, youth-time
[˛igear] nm. g.v. -eir; pl.+an, young man
[˛igh] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, virgin, maiden
[Oigh Muire] pnf. : An Oigh Muire, The Virgin Mary
[oighre] nm. pl.+achan, heir
[oighreachd] nf. pl.+an, heirship, inheritance, land-estate
[˛igridh] nf. young folks, collectively
[oil] va. rear, educate
[oil] nf.ind. vexation, pain, grief : is oil leam, it is an offence to me : ge b' oil leis, in spite of him
[oilbheum] nm. g.v. -eim; pl.+an, offence, reproach
[oilean] nm. g.v. -ein, education, training, instruction, nurture
[oileanach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aich, student, scholar
[oillt] nf. g.+e; pl.+ean, terror, dread, horror
[oillteil] a. hideous, horrific, dreadful, disgusting
[oil-thigh] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, school, seminary, college
[oir] for, because that
[oir] nm. g.+e; pl.+ean, edge, lip, border
[oirbh] prep.pron. on you, pl.
[˛irdheirc] a. famous, illustrious, noble, excellent, honourable, glorious
[˛irleach] nf. g.d. -ich; pl. -ich, inch
[oirnn] prep.pron. on us
[oirre] prep.pron. on her, on it, fem.
[oisinn] nm. pl. -nean, corner
[oisinneach] a. having corners, angles, or nooks
[oiteag] nf. g.d. -eig; pl.+an, breeze of wind, light blast
[˛l] va. ˛l, drink
[˛l] nm. g.v. ˛il, drinking, habit of drinking intoxicating liquors, drunkenness
[ola] nf. g. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, oil, ointment
[olann] nf. g.d. -ainn, wool
[olc] nm. g.v. uilc; pl. uilc, evil, mischief, wickedness
[olc] a. miosa, evil, bad, wicked
[ollamh] nm. g.v. -aimh; pl.+an, learned man, doctor
[onoir] nf. pl.+ean, honour, respect, dignity
[onorach] a. honourable, honest, distinguished, famed
[˛r] nm. g.v. ˛ir, gold
[˛r] va. gild
[˛raid] nf. pl.+ean, speech, oration
[˛ran] for : amhran, nm. g.v. -ain; pl. -ain and +an, a song
[˛ranaiche] nm. pl.+an, singer, songster
[˛rd] nm. g.v. ¨ird; pl. ¨ird, hammer
[˛rdag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, thumb, big toe
[˛rdugh] nm. g.v. -uigh; pl. -uighean, an order, decree, command, arrangement, array; an ordinance, observance, rite : ˛rdugh cath, battle array
[˛rduich] va. order, ordain, decree, command, arrange, assign
[orm] prep.pron. on me
[orra] prep.pron. on them
[ort] prep.pron. on you, s.
[os] above, over, in the phrs. : os cionn, overhead : os Óird, publicly, loudly, openly : os ýosal, privately, secretly : os bÓrr, besides, moreover
[osadh] nm. g.v. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, desisting, cessation, truce
[osag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, blast, breeze
[osan] nm. g.v. -ain; pl.+an, a hose, stocking
[˛sda] in : tigh-˛sda, an inn
[˛sdair] nm. pl.+ean, innkeeper
[osnadh] nf. g.d. -aidh; pl. -aidhean, groan, sigh, sob
[osnaich] nf. pl.+ean, sighing, groaning; sighs, groans
[ospag] nf. g.d. -aig; pl.+an, gasp, sob, sigh, pang
[othail] nf. hurry, confusion, hubbub
[othar] nm. g.v. -air; pl.+an, ulcer, abscess
[˛trach] nm. g.v. -aich; pl. -aichean, dung-hill; dung, filth

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