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A Barrel of Genealogy Links John Lacombe's genealogy links.  John's specific interest is the Lacombe family, but he provides over 400 links that are also of general interest.
Alberta Genealogical Society Of specific interest to residents of Alberta, Canada.
Ancestry Hometown Search Databases and Genealogy "How To" references.
Australian Family History Compendium Contains information on a wide variety of categories related to genealogy, with a strong emphasis on Australian material.
Britannia Monarchs Biographies of the men and women who have ruled Britain since 802 AD.  Listed by their royal house, the articles contain genealogies, maps and links to other useful resources.
Clans, Families and Septs Written by Sir Crispin Agnew of Lochnaw Bt., giving the official position of the Court of the Lord Lyon.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites Cyndi Howell's well maintained reference to over 31,000 genealogical links in several well organized categories.
Everton Publishers, Inc. Includes Everton's Genealogical Helper Magazine, and searchable databases for members.
Family Technologies Vendor support site for Family Treasures genealogical software, and a name library (names, origin, and meaning).
Family Tree Maker Online Supported by Broderbund Software, but not restricted to users of the FTM software.  This site provides many useful resources for the genealogy researcher.
GenDex One of the foremost genealogy references on the web, Gene Stark's Index of Names for all Gen Web Sites.
Genealogy Ancestors Search Lance Macrae's Genealogy research resources from several countries including the USA, Canada, France, Ireland, Scotland, England, Norway, Sweden and more.
Genealogy Forums on Compuserve The Genealogy Forum on CompuServe is managed by a team of long-time computer genealogists and is host site for Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter.
Genealogy Home Page Stephen A. Wood's extensive collection of world-wide genealogical resource links.  Includes genealogical database resources, genealogical guides, maps, photography, newsgroups and mailing lists, book sellers, research services, and much, much more.
Genealogy Resources on the Internet Several Scotland/Scottish resources for genealogical research compiled by Christine Gaunt and John Fuller.
GenForum Surname searches, regional searches, and general genealogy topics.
GenServ Over Ten Million names in several thousand gedcom databases.
Global Gazette Canada's Genealogy and Heritage Newsletter.
Global Genealogy Supply A 400+ page web site for family historians....includes books, software CD-ROM, archival supplies, maps and lots of free genealogy hints, lists and links.
Harrold and Related Roots On-line Database An on-line genealogy database specific to the Harrold and related families.
I Found It Genealogy Search Engine A directory of genealogy related sites on the world wide web.
inGeneas A team of experienced research professionals and Canadian genealogy experts. Based in Canada's capital city, they are capable of working in either official language and provide customized research services and searchable databases.
Journal of Online Genealogy A free electronic magazine which focuses on the use of online resources and techniques in genealogy and family history from Toolbox Internet Marketing Services, Inc.
Karen's Genealogy Sources Karen was originator of the Surname Springboard now maintained by Allan Lacy, and continues to provide several excellent genealogy resources through her home page.
LDS Family Search The primary search page for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) family search. Highly recommended for novice and expert researcher.
Leith Hutton's Genealogy Homepage A genealogy resource site with a focus on New Zealand.
National Archives of Canada InGeneas; National Archives of Canada, Miscellaneous Immigration Index and free access database.
National Archives of Canada Includes resources for learning how to begin tracing your family's history, public research services, and Canadian genealogical resources. Also included are addresses for genealogical societies and Provincial and Territorial Archives.
National Genealogical Society NGS is a national membership organization with more than 17,000 members nationwide. Although most of its members are individuals, its institutional members include genealogical and historical societies, family organizations, libraries, and other organizations.
N.W.T. Genealogical Society From Yellowknife in Canada's North West Territories, a group of individuals dedicated to the discovery and preservation of their family and region history.
Online Genealogical Database Index Contains links to all known genealogical databases searchable through the Web. It is limited to searchable databases and does NOT include links to sites devoted to a family unless a database is available for searching.
Researching your Scottish family history Joanne Winter's excellent site for new and experienced genealogists. Highly recommended!
Roots Computing Richard W. Eastman's Genealogy Home Page - and an alternate entry to Genealogy Forums on Compuserve.
RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative Reputed to be the Internet's oldest and largest genealogy resource.  While RootsWeb provides an excellent USA reference for surname lookups, they are making efforts to gain more international exposure and references.
Scotland Genealogy Various resources for searching your Scottish Heritage including Scottish Genealogy, Clans, Tartans, and Genealogical Societies and researchers.
Scottish Genealogy Society The Scottish Genealogy Society was founded in Edinburgh on 30 May 1953. The Society promotes research into Scottish family history and undertakes the collection, exchange and publication of material relating to genealogy.
Scottish Roots Scottish Roots is Scotland's foremost genealogical research service. Established in Edinburgh in 1984, we have undertaken over 11,000 investigations for customers from all over the world, including quite a few famous faces!
Surname Springboard Allan Lacy's comprehensive listing of surname gedcom sites with indexed links to the Internet resources providing online genealogical information in HTML format.
Tracing Your Scottish Ancestry Several resource links for tracing Scottish ancestry provided by the Department of Geography at the University of Edinburgh.
UK Genealogy UK Genealogy News is a monthly online newsletter covering all aspects of UK Genealogy. 
US GenWeb Project This is the home page for The USGenWeb Project. Consisting of a group of volunteers working together to provide Internet websites for genealogical research in every county and every state of the United States.

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