Greetings to Clan MacRae Members,

It was an unexpected honour and a privilege to be elected president of the Clan MacRae Society of Canada at the annual general meeting in Victoria in May.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you as we continue to fulfill the objectives of our Clan Society. I believe there are exciting possibilities ahead and I am counting on your participation and support.

I believe I can speak on behalf of the whole society when I say how deeply appreciative are the members of the Clan MacRae Society of Canada for the leadership of Dr. Robert MacRae - for his vision, leadership and achievements during the last decade. His are big shoes to fill but I will offer my time and talents to the society and I invite you to join me as we continue to build a solid Clan Society in Canada.

Our country is vast in size and I know the challenges are great. At the AGM, we increased the number of directors from nine to twenty. I supported this move for it will help enormously, not only to allow a wider representation on the board of directors from across the country, but it will also draw on many more of the talents of our members.

Please feel free to e-mail at any time with your suggestions and your questions.

Sgur Uran,

Owen C. MacRae, President

Owen C. MacRae, 
President of the Clan MacRae Society of Canada.

The Clan MacRae
Society of Canada