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General Privacy Statement

Clan MacRae Online (CMO) provides web based reference pages for researching Scottish history, and family history for members and affiliated families of the Clan MacRae from Scotland’s Highlands. We make it easy for visitors to access this information using readily available web browser technologies. Maintaining our visitors' and contributors’ privacy is a high priority for us, and we will maintain the privacy of personal information to the best of our abilities.

Data That is Collected

In the normal course of the operation of the Clan MacRae Online web pages, a minimal amount of data logging is undertaken for the sole purpose of designing CMO to enhance the user experience. This includes the visitors’ originating domain, date and time of access, page(s) viewed and files downloaded. This information is reviewed periodically to determine which pages are of interest, which pages should be removed or modified, and to assist in assessing which features should or should not be included in the web page design. CMO does not place "cookies" or any other files on the visitors’ computer system, nor do we monitor, track or otherwise analyze specific visitor use of the CMO pages – all analysis for design purposes is undertaken using aggregated data without reference to specific visitor information.

Family data is contributed to CMO by family historians, genealogists and frequent visitors, in addition to information that is provided through the research efforts of CMO accessing publicly available resources. Published information regarding living individuals is limited to a small subset (i.e., name and family relationships) disclosed through the records published online. Contact information for contributors is not published directly, and is not provided in response to visitor queries.

Usage by Type of Information

1. Totally Private Information. CMO does not share any of the information about you that would not be known to others with anyone outside of CMO without your informed consent. Examples of this information include electronic mail (e-mail) communications or your web browsing activity. Exceptions to this policy are:

    1. With your explicit permission, such as when you press "Send" to send an e-mail message (which will have your e-mail and registered name attached) or when you elect to fill in information requested by us or another party that is specifically intended to be provided to a third party.
    2. When you have provided information for the explicit purpose of having such information included in the CMO records for publication to our public areas.
    3. When required by applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request within the jurisdiction of Alberta, Canada to disclose such information to law enforcement authorities or anyone else.

2. Personal Information. CMO considers your address, phone and other contact information to be confidential and does not disclose such information without your informed consent.

3. Aggregate Information. CMO aggregates certain non-personal information pertaining to the usage of its service. Such aggregate information does not contain user-specific information that reveals any specific visitor’s identity. CMO may share this information with anyone since it does not personally identify you.

Access to Information

1. Access by Unauthorized Individuals. CMO does its reasonable best to protect visitor and contributor privacy by using technologies and processes such as encryption, access control procedures, network firewalls and physical security. These technologies and methods increase the security and privacy of information but cannot guarantee absolute confidentiality or security of information.

2. Removing Inappropriate Content. CMO reserves the right to remove any inappropriate content or postings, to inspect any visitor information necessary to investigate any allegations or complaints received by CMO, and to respond regarding actions taken to resolve a complaint.

Visitor Responsibility for Protection and Privacy

1. Protection of Children. CMO is a family-friendly service, however, CMO cannot prevent inappropriate contacts between other visitors and children who are visitors and who may have revealed themselves to be children. Parents are ultimately responsible for the behavior and use of web resources by their children and should monitor the use of web resources to prevent the inadvertent identification of that child to others or access of inappropriate materials by the child.

2. Information provided to other Internet Sites. CMO provides its visitors with links to a vast array of information and, hence, information providers on the Internet. Every content provider manages its information differently and, as a result, CMO cannot control or monitor the information sent and received via the Internet. Visitors should attempt to understand the privacy policies of the web sites to which they choose to provide information and otherwise use common sense and be careful when visiting other web sites of other providers on the Internet to insure that their privacy is not compromised.

How To Find Us

If at any time you have questions about or believe that CMO has not adhered to this Policy, please notify CMO by e-mail.. We will use all reasonable efforts to promptly determine and correct any existing problems.

Changes to this Policy

CMO reserves the right to change this policy at any time by posting changes on-line. Your continued use of the CMO resources after changes are posted constitutes your acceptance of this policy as modified by the posted changes.

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