Reciprocal Links

We encourage reciprocal links between Clan MacRae Online and similar web sites, and we provide banners for use on your site. The following steps may be used to install a link to our web pages:
  1. If you wish to use one of the banners provided below, right click on the banner and select save as to save the banner image to your web page(s). We request that you maintain the aspect ratio of the graphic image and legibility of the text if the banner is resized or "down sampled" to reduce file size.

  2. Install a link to the Clan MacRae Online pages using the following address (URL):

  3. Send us an e-mail message requesting a reciprocal link. Provide us with your name and your site name and address (URL). Before installing a reciprocal link, we do review your site to ensure content is consistent with our Clan MacRae Online themes, is suitable for family viewing, and is likely to be of interest to our visitors.

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