Clan MacRae Symbols


from the Ancient Gaelic Macrath meaning 'Son of Prosperity' or 'Divine Grace'




Beauly and Kintail

Clan Seat

Inverinate, Inverness-shire  (MacRaes of Inverinate)


Sgur Uran (The name of the highest peak in the Five Sisters , a mountain in Kintail)


Fortitudine (With fortitude)

Armorial Honours

"Ar. a fess betw. three mullets in chief and a lion ramp. in base gu." officially documented in Burke's General Armory. When translated, "Silver, a red middle third between three red stars in the upper third and a red lion attacking in base." Above the shield and helmet is the crest which is described as "A hand grasping a scimitar, all naturally colored." See Armorial Bearings for information regarding registration and use. 

Below are several examples of Clan MacRae Coats of Arms - click on the thumbnail to view the full size image.

The following Coats of Arms are provided courtesy of Peter A. MacRae

Crest Badge

A dexter (right) hand grasping a sword, all proper.

Plant Badge

Fir Club-Moss; Garbhag an t-sleibh

Variants and Sept Names

Mac is the Gaelic word meaning "son" ("mic" being the feminine form for "daughter"). Mc & M' are acceptable abbreviations for "Mac". Therefore "MacRae" in its many forms literally means "son of" or "of the family of" Rae. "Rae", "Macrae", "Mcrae", and "M'Rae" are all correct examples of the name. Spelling may change from one generation to the next. 

Recognized variants are 

Crae, Cree, Macara, Macarra, Maccra, Maccrath, Maccrae, Maccraith, Maccraw, Maccray, Maccrea, Maccreath, Maccree, Maccrie, Mackereth, Macrath, Maccroy, Macgrath, Macgraw, Machray, Macra,  Macrae, Macraith, Macrach, Macraw, Macray, Macrie, Rae, Raith, Ray, Rea, and Reath.

Pipe Music

The Macrae's March


Kintail, Auld Kirk


There are several versions of Clan MacRae tartan.  Shown below are two hunting designs, the "Prince's own"  named in 1745 for the personal use of Bonnie Prince Charlie, and a traditional tartan of Clan MacRae. Click on the thumbnail below to view the full size image. For more about Clan MacRae Tartans, visit Ron MacRae's Tartan page .


Weathered Hunting

Prince's Own Traditional

Highland Dress

Highland Dress from Electric Scotland

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