The Clan MacRae Genealogy Database contains the names of approximately 5613 individuals and 1722 marriages, including all of those contained in the History of Clan MacRae written by the Rev. Alexander MacRae. As a result, pedigrees can be traced for any of the MacRae lines mentioned in Rev. MacRae’s book.

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Members of Clan MacRae are encouraged to submit their MacRae line, including all known spelling variations, to the Clan Genealogist. All submissions will be accepted and added to the Clan Genealogy Database.

How To Request A Genealogy Search
Requests for genealogy searches may be submitted to the Clan Genealogist (Larry Cates) via the following email address:

Upon receipt of a request the Genealogist will initiate a search of the Clan Genealogy Database and email the results back to the requestor, along with recommendations for other genealogy search sites. There is no cost for conducting a search of the database, but due to postage costs, all search results will be emailed back to the requestor. Clan MacRae will not release the entire Genealogy database.

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